Summer Wine Corfu

Why Us?

  • Summer Wine is ideally located near one of the island’s top tourist attractions, but also isolated from the  tourist hustle;
  • We offer personal service and intimacy, in a relaxing environment;
  • We are within  10 minutes walking distance from the island’s  beautiful beaches and in close proximity to Corfu’s natural, historical and cultural sites;
  • Close to various amenities  restaurants, bars, nightclubs, souvenir shops, car, bicycles and scooter rental offices, ATMs and laundries;
  • Summer Wine is environment friendly: we are located in the midst of the island’s beautiful natural landscape. The resort, as a principle makes use of elements of green building;
  • Summer Wine is involved and participates in local community activities;

Small events

Our resort is suitable for small events such as:

  • meetings of small groups, organizations,  small businesses, etc.;
  • weddings and other family events;
  • training courses on topics  such as yoga, photography, scuba diving, bird watching, horse riding and culinary arts.

Direct Booking Benefits:

Reservations of 5 nights or more duration are eligible for a romantic dinner for 2 at one of our chosen restaurants